Christian Cooke on joining the cast of Witches of East End

That should be the first rule of drama school, make it up. The only thing you can’t lie about is the jobs you’ve done, because they can find out. But in terms of skills you just try to figure it out after, or between your first and second meeting you quickly get some sort of lesson.

You have your Queen!

"The relationship to Romeo is still that love/hate, he’s his best friend and he’s kind of in love with him but there’s still all that under-the-surface jealousy. I think Mercutio is one of those people that was born in the wrong generation, the wrong era—had he’d come from a more modern time he would’ve been more comfortable in his skin and more able to accept who he is. But he’s a great character: he’s a real thinker, he’s very intelligent, he sees every aspect of the world and human emotion, and he gets caught up in that all as well. It was good trying to get back in his head. In the ’50s, he might have been a beatnik in the San Francisco Bay area—smoked dope and been of bit of a wordsmith." - Christian Cooke on Mercutio



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that’s the face of someone who just shit themselves

I love this because he thought giving her to a barbarian would break her and make her usable and compliant but it just turned her into his worst nightmare.